Commit 1d2aeda4 authored by Matthieu Schaller's avatar Matthieu Schaller
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Also include the changes to the symmetry test.

parent 2f7029de
......@@ -142,16 +142,16 @@ void test() {
/* Call the symmetric version */
runner_iact_density(r2, dx, pi.h, pj.h, &pi, &pj, a, H);
runner_iact_chemistry(r2, dx, pi.h, pj.h, &pi, &pj);
runner_iact_chemistry(r2, dx, pi.h, pj.h, &pi, &pj, a, H);
/* Call the non-symmetric version */
runner_iact_nonsym_density(r2, dx, pi2.h, pj2.h, &pi2, &pj2, a, H);
runner_iact_nonsym_chemistry(r2, dx, pi2.h, pj2.h, &pi2, &pj2);
runner_iact_nonsym_chemistry(r2, dx, pi2.h, pj2.h, &pi2, &pj2, a, H);
dx[0] = -dx[0];
dx[1] = -dx[1];
dx[2] = -dx[2];
runner_iact_nonsym_density(r2, dx, pj2.h, pi2.h, &pj2, &pi2, a, H);
runner_iact_nonsym_chemistry(r2, dx, pj2.h, pi2.h, &pj2, &pi2);
runner_iact_nonsym_chemistry(r2, dx, pj2.h, pi2.h, &pj2, &pi2, a, H);
/* Check that the particles are the same */
i_not_ok = memcmp(&pi, &pi2, sizeof(struct part));
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