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clearer wording on why we built our own task-based library.

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......@@ -342,13 +342,14 @@ SMP~Superscalar \cite{ref:SMPSuperscalar}, OpenMP~3.0 \cite{ref:Duran2009},
Intel's TBB \cite{ref:Reinders2007}, and, to some extent,
Charm++ \cite{ref:Kale1993}.
For convenience, and to make experimenting with different scheduling
techniques easier, we chose to implement our own task scheduler
Since none of these existing taks-based libraries provide the flexibility
required to make experiment with different scheduling and communication
techniques, we chose to implement our own task scheduler
in \swift, which has since been back-ported as the general-purpose
\qs task scheduler \cite{gonnet2013quicksched}.
This also allowed us to extend the scheduler with the concept of
task conflicts and integrate the asynchronous communication
scheme described below.
scheme described further on.
Despite its advantages, and the variety of implementations,
task-based parallelism is rarely used in
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