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Add Dehnen & Aly E0 density correction

Josh Borrow requested to merge add_dehnen_aly_density_correction into master

This MR adds the density correction for the Wendland-CX kernels in 3D, as specified in Dehnen & Aly Equation 19. It required:

  • Adding new variables for every kernel in kernel_hydro.h
  • Adding a new parameter file parameter SPH:use_epsilon_density_correction
  • Changing the function signature of hydro_end_density to include a new parameter (a single float passed by value)
  • Updating the relevant sections of the tests and runner
  • Adding the relevant documentation.

It seems to make very little difference to the dynamics; here's the SodShock_3D with and without:

With correction SodShock

Without correction sodshock_no_correction

but I see no reason not to use it in those cases. Either way, I've set it to default to 'off'. I am currently running more tests to see where (if ever) it makes a difference.

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