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List top-level cells with tasks

Matthieu Schaller requested to merge list_local_cells into master

This implements the idea behind #373 (closed) and should help with #366.

In this branch we:

  • At rebuild time, construct a list of the top-level cells that have at least one task somewhere in their hierarchy.
  • When unskipping tasks, launch the threadpool on this list rather than on the whole set of top-level cells.
  • When collecting the ti_end_min, use the threadpool on this list.

One thing I am not very happy with is the last point. We don't have an elegant way of doing a reduction over the threadpool. The current version should be better than the old, scalar, version but we could reduce the number of locks by having a more advanced mechanism. Would require quite a bit of change to the threadpool infrastructure though.

Other possible improvements:

  • Use the list of cells with tasks also when rebuilding.
  • Use a similar list when splitting in the rebuild as we don't need to launch threads on empty top-level cells.
  • Use a more advanced list (constructed each step during unskip) that contains only the active local cells to speed-up the collection of time-steps.

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