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Sanitize smoothing lengths

Matthieu Schaller requested to merge error_messages into master

Here is a proposal to address problems such as #211 (closed).

At the start, after having read in the particles, constructed the top-level cells and all their progenitors we do a quick pass to sanitize the whole thing. If a top-level cell has more than 100000 particles (say) but has an h_max that prevents tasks associated with this cell from being split we do the following:

  • Compute the geometric mean and standard deviation of the smoothing lengths in that cell.
  • Limit the smoothing lengths of all particles in this cell to mean+4sigma (say).

Recall that the cells are always split so that the scheduler will be able to push down the tasks at a later point. This procedure is applied to the top-level cells only.

Does that make sense to you ?

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