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Slimming down of foreign gpart + reduced comm size

Matthieu Schaller requested to merge pack_foreign_gpart into master

Here are the changes to improve the foreign memory usage of gparts and help with the related communications.

This includes:

  • Creation of two new particle types. One for the regular foreign gpart and one for the gpart when running FOF.
  • Modification of the gravity cache construction to use the foreign particle type when acting on a foreign cell.
  • Usage of the new packing task to fish out the fields we want. (No need to unpack anything however)
  • Modification of the gpart and fof communications.
  • Modification of the construction of the foreign buffers to accommodate both types.

All the physics changes are the same as what was tried in !1318 (closed). The difference is that the packing is done here by hand and that the case of FOF is correctly handled.

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