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[WIP] Fortran bindings

Aidan Chalk requested to merge fortran_bindings into master

Created Fortran Bindings for quicksched master, including a few extra functions required to avoid declaring the qsched structure inside fortran (because of pthread difficulty).

Tested with OpenMP version (don't have a pthread setup to test with i think). in the fortran_examples folder is ignored.

This is created hopefully to test DL_POLY with at some point soon, but should be generally easy(ish) to use in FORTRAN codes.

Do we want any other examples? I'm loathe to implement anything particularly complex but currently I have not tested:

qsched_adduse, qsched_addlock, qsched_free, qsched_reset, qsched_ensure, qsched_res_own.

New functions: f_qsched_create, f_qsched_destroy control the creation of the quicksched object.

Will quickly fix them emory leak (no call to qsched_free) in the super simple example

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