Tags give the ability to mark specific points in history as being important
  • v0.0   first commit.
    e89c3a07 · Initial commit ·
  • v0.1   Version 0.1.0 start using autotools.
    2cc52d96 · switch to autotools. ·
  • v0.1.0-pre   Tag last commit before multi time stepping
  • v0.2.0   Incremented as in new multi timestep epoch
  • v0.3.0   First implementation of external gravity accepted.
  • v0.4.0   Implementation of Gizmo-SPH included into the master branch
  • v0.5.0   Hydro code is now fully correct over MPI using multiple time-steps. Star particles can be used.
  • v0.6.0
    Release v0.6.0
    • Hydrodynamics code is now complete.
    • Gravity code is feature complete but still requires work to harvest performance and scalability.
    • SWIFT can run large volumes over MPI and the memory footprint has decreased.
    • Vectorization of the density tasks is complete.
    • GIZMO scheme runs for hydro problems and simple hydro+gravity cases.
  • v0.7.0   Cosmology + restart files + initial subgrid models
    Release v0.7.0
    • SWIFT can run with cosmological time integration.
    • SWIFT is now stable for very long runs.
    • Check-pointing mechanism is in place.
    • Much better use of METIS for domain decomposition.
    • All the core hydro routines are fully vectorized in the Gadget2-SPH case.
    • Faster operations in MPI-land by using a list of local top-level cells only for most operations.
    • Some early implementation of cooling (grackle, EAGLE) and chemistry (gear, EAGLE) are available.
    • Additional hydro tests have been added.
    • Parallel-io is now very efficient (reaching peak disk speed) on Lustre (cosma-6).
  • v0.8.0   Updated the version number following all the speed updates to the gravity code.
    Release v0.8.0
    • SWIFT can run large n-body cosmological simulations.
    • SWIFT has a working interface to VELOCIraptor.
    • Cosmological time-integration is correct for the SPH schemes.
    • SWIFT can run the Santa Barbara cluster example.
    • Particles of all kind can be removed on-the-fly.
    • Star particles can find their neighbours (non-MPI).
    • SWIFT supports an equation of state and hydrodynamics scheme for planetary science.
    • SWIFT compiles in C++.
  • v0.8.1   New tagged release after the addition of all the feedback-related infrastructure.
    Release v0.8.1
    • SWIFT can run feedback over MPI.
    • SWIFT has been tested on cosmological hydro runs up to 2x4600^3 particles.
    • SWIFT implements the EAGLE cooling, entropy floor and star formation laws.
    • SWIFT implements GEAR cooling in cosmological context.
    • Improvements to the scalability of planetary simulations.
    • Snapshots contain information about the location of particles for quick access.
    • The examples have been reorganised in clearer categories.
    • The estimation of the number of tasks and links needed has been vastly improved. No excess memory needed here.
  • v0.8.2   New tag release following the addition of star-formation and feedback jointly over MPI, black hole accretion and feedback (also over MPI), refactoring of the hydro parameters, improvement to the memory footprint and completion of first fully-fledged EAGLE runs.
    Release v0.8.2
    • SWIFT can run star-formation, feedback and black holes jointly over MPI.
    • SWIFT implements the EAGLE stellar feedback and enrichment.
    • SWIFT implements the EAGLE black hole accretion and feedback.
    • Update the entropy floor to also apply it when drifting the particles.
    • SWIFT implements GEAR cooling in cosmological context.
    • SWIFT implements a new hydro scheme: Anarchy-DU.
    • Major refactoring of the hydro schemes to have independent parameters and constants.
    • SWIFT implements a memory logger to trace the allocations.
    • Snapshots contain a run label.
  • v0.8.3   Bumped the version number following the addition of the FOF and black holes seeding.
    Release v0.8.3
    • SWIFT now contains a Friends-Of-Friends halo identification code.
    • SWIFT-FOF can be run as a stand-alone executable to post-process snapshots.
    • SWIFT can run FOF on-the-fly to seed black hole particles following the EAGLE model.
    • The 'Default' hydro scheme has been modified to be closer to the PHANTOM code. The code still compiles with Gadget2-SPH as a default scheme.
    • Meta-data about the units of the fields written to snapshots have been added as HDF5 attributes.
    • SWIFT can run EAGLE boxes and match the original EAGLE-noAGN model closely.
  • v0.8.4   Updating version number before breaking the i/o interface.
    Release v0.8.4
    • SWIFT does not compile with FOF switched on by default any more to save memory.
    • The EAGLE BH model now includes merging and swallowing of gas.
    • The anarchy hydro models now features improvements for the diffusion.
    • SWIFT comes with a better random number generator that allows probability of <10^9 to be sampled correctly.
  • v0.8.5
    Release v0.8.5
    • Added dithering of the gravity mesh at every rebuild,
    • Fully implemented the time-step limiter and synchronization following feedback events,
    • Updated the EAGLE examples to the newly adopted baseline model,
  • v0.9.0
    Release v0.9.0
    • Added adaptive multipole acceptance criterion for gravity alongside the fixed opening angle,
    • Rewritten the time integration of the large-scale periodic forces coming from the PM calculation to reach the expected level of accuracy in the large-scale matter power-spectrum in precision cosmology runs,
    • Added an implementation of the Phantom SPH scheme (hydro only),
    • Made the SPHENIX SPH scheme the default hydro model,
    • Added a cooling subgrid model using the Ploeckinger+2020 tables,
    • Added a Quick-Lyman-alpha mode for cosmological simulations,
    • Added the option to not compute the gravitational potentials,
    • Added the option to store sub-halo orphan particles computed by VELOCIraptor,
    • Added a mode to store snapshots in multiple sub-files when running over MPI,
    • Added the option to select the fields to write or not in the snapshots at runtime,
    • Added the option to apply lossy compression filters to select fields in the hdf5 outputs,
    • Extended the meta-data in the snapshots including all relevant runtime parameters and particle locations in the files for quick access,
    • Fixed an old bug with the long-range gravity calculation in non-periodic non-cosmological mode that lead to a segfault in large planetary calculations,
    • Expanded the EAGLE and GEAR subgrid models,
    • Added the ANEOS equations of state for planetary calculations,
    • Reduced the memory footprint over MPI,
    • Large number of small fixes and speed improvements