New tag release following the addition of star-formation and feedback jointly over MPI, black hole accretion and feedback (also over MPI), refactoring of the hydro parameters, improvement to the memory footprint and completion of first fully-fledged EAGLE runs.
  • SWIFT can run star-formation, feedback and black holes jointly over MPI.
  • SWIFT implements the EAGLE stellar feedback and enrichment.
  • SWIFT implements the EAGLE black hole accretion and feedback.
  • Update the entropy floor to also apply it when drifting the particles.
  • SWIFT implements GEAR cooling in cosmological context.
  • SWIFT implements a new hydro scheme: Anarchy-DU.
  • Major refactoring of the hydro schemes to have independent parameters and constants.
  • SWIFT implements a memory logger to trace the allocations.
  • Snapshots contain a run label.