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      Merge branch 'ic-checks' into 'master' · 56d1a511
      Matthieu Schaller authored
      Add checks for particles that are at same position and updates to the h_max of top-level cells.
      Investigating #324 has turned up a couple of issues that we probably should
      handle better. The first is particles with the same position. These are not 
      allowed. The second is a mismatch between the cells h_max values and those
      of the particles when running the ghost tasks for the first time and when
      the initial estimates of h are small, so we get too many top-level cells 
      initially and a regrid is needed (if this isn't done then the particles
      test to be moved outside their cell and we need to rebuild, even though
      a rebuild has just been done).
      This fixes both by reporting an error when particles are found in the
      same location, and updates the top-level cells h_max to those of the
      particles (note this must be followed by a regrid as any sub-cells
      will have the wrong h_max).
      Also now reports if gparts are at the same location. That is inefficient
      not a show stopper.
      See merge request !370
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