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      Merge branch 'gizmo_fix' into 'master' · 0dc16751
      Matthieu Schaller authored
      Cleaned up GIZMO code, added SineWavePotential tests.
      The GIZMO code should now be clean enough to merge with `master`, and to be used in scaling tests.
      I have added 1-3D versions of a new SineWavePotential test, which tests gravitational hydrostatic equilibrium in an unphysical but convenient 1D periodic sine wave potential. This allows testing gravity + GIZMO hydro without running into boundary condition problems. Unfortunately, the non conservative form of the potential makes it impossible to test energy conservation in these tests. GIZMO can keep all three set ups stable with both an isothermal and an ideal gas equation of state. I have currently only tested with the exact Riemann solver, but the approximate solvers should work as well.
      The code is still not stable enough to cope with the hydrostatic and disc patch tests; these are next on my list.
      See merge request !317
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