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      Merge branch 'master' into root-level-parts · 9ab8173e
      Peter W. Draper authored
      Parameter handling imported from old main.c.
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      Merge branch 'Parameter-File' into 'master' · cbefe349
      Peter W. Draper authored
      First version of main() using a parameter file to get constants.
      That's pretty big but does not touch the physics, the parallelisation nor MPI.
      In brief:
       - Latest version of the parser from @jwillis 
       - More uniform name of functions in the unit module.
       - Added the ability for the `engine`, `space`, `unit` and `partition` objects to construct themselves from a parsed parameter file.
       - Added an example yaml file with full documentation.
       - Added yaml files and run scripts for the Sedov, Sod and uniform examples. 
       - General tidying of the `main()`.
       - Dropped the dependency on z-lib which we don't use.
       - Updated the README to reflect the new command-line parameters.
       - Cleaned-up the `main()` such that the only command-line parameters read in are policies and debugging options. 
       - Added the option to do a 'dry run'. This reads the parameter file, allocates the memory required by the ICs but does not read anything and constructs a space and engine. This allows us to check the validity of a given parameter file.
      Happy to guide you through the changes if need be. 
      This closes #81.
      See merge request !140
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