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      Documentation updates · c6f77ffe
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      Merge branch 'updated_vectorisation_tests' into 'master' · 1cb97461
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      More physical definition of SPH kernel functions
      This "solves" #97. 
       - I have split the SPH and gravity kernels into two separate files for ease of use. That explains a lot of the file changes below.
       - Corrected a small typo in the hydro.h files. The mistake was not leading to wrong physics results but would slow down convergence towards the correct h in the ghost task.
       - When switching kernel function, the resolution is not modified any more. This was the main point of #97.
       - The documentation of the kernels has increased and I have updated the .tex documents and figures to be completely consistent with the code.
      In normal mode (i.e. without editing const.h) the results are identical. 
      See merge request !138
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