1. 23 Feb, 2017 3 commits
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      Merge branch 'timestep_order' into 'master' · a679332b
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      Timestep order
      This is my last batch of changes regarding time integration.
       - Additional checks here and there that the particles are synchronized. Especially gpart.
       - Re-arranged the time-step sequence and simplified the logic in engine_step().
       - Moved the decision of repartitioning from the main() to engine_step().
      The re-arrangement of the time-step sequence allows for perfect energy conservation even when we rebuild, repartition or dump snapshots. Previously that was not the case as a spurious drift had to be introduced. 
      See merge request !314
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      Code formatting · f181430f
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      Code formatting · f9c1d350
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      Merge branch 'star_particles' into 'master' · 48264d40
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      Star particles and gparts links over MPI
      A big bundle of changes:
       - Introduce star particles. At the moment they are empty shells but they are ready to be used.
       - An `spart` is always linked to a `gpart` and will receive its gravitational forces from there.
       - A `gpart` now contains an enum containing information about whether it is linked to a `part`, to an `spart` or to nothing.
       - Added a more comprehensive test to check that the part<->gpart and spart<->gpart links are correct after every rebuild or MPI transaction.
       - `spart` get kicked and drifted and get their time-step computed. 
       - `spart` are read-in and written to snapshots (only if running with `-S` for now). 
       - Only the particle types that will be used are now read from ICs. Speeds-up the starting up process.
       - Corrects many incorrect communication of `gpart` over MPI. 
      With this in we can run the EAGLE_25 over MPI with gpart and spart activated (e.g. `swift_mpi -s -g -S -t 16`). Note that this does not fix the remaining bug in #256 (Now fixed independently).
      See merge request !310
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      Also put checks in place for sparts · ed288f25
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