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      Merge branch 'parameter_file_in_snapshot' into 'master' · b90156c9
      Peter W. Draper authored
      Parameter file in snapshot
      Sorry @pdraper.... one more for you...
      This is an implementation of #140. The parameter file key-value pairs are written to the snapshots. 
      Changes are:
       - Write the parameters to the snapshot.
       - Reduce the size of the parameter file structure by changing the maximal amount of lines it can contain.
       - Added an error message for when this limit is reached.
       - Change the type `lock_type` to `swift_lock_type` in `lock.h`
      This last change is because `lock_type` is used in some MPI function prototype and our "#define" interferes with some of the includes if you are not careful about ordering. That solves the problem by naming the lock type in a unique way.
      Apologies for the rather large changelog that this generates for 5 actual lines of useful code... 
      See merge request !173
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      Merge branch 'master' into parameter_file_in_snapshot · 597daf01
      Peter W. Draper authored
      fixdt kick changes.
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      Merge branch 'fix_minimal' into 'master' · dc8ee7ad
      Peter W. Draper authored
      Fixed the minimal SPH hydro version
      Fix to #148. The code now runs without segfaulting when using the minimal SPH hydro code. Results are not great (by design) as the model is really poor (but simple).
      Changes are:
       - A missing initialisation in `engine_init_particles()`.
       - A mistake in the calculation of the du/dt term.
      See merge request !169
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      Merge branch 'fixdt_kick' into 'master' · ebc1a2a5
      Peter W. Draper authored
      Kick task for fixdt and proper treatment of conserved quantities
      This fixes #146 and #103.
       - In brief this adds a new task "kick_fixdt" for the case where we run with this policy. 
       - We then construct the type of kick task corresponding to this policy.
       - Some of the physics operations have been moved to separate files "drift.h", "kick.h" and "timestep.h" to simplify things and prevent redundancies.
       - Energy statistics are now computed at the end of the drift (and not of the kick any more) which allows to get a value even in a time-step not involving all particles. 
       - The frequency of the statistics is specified in the parameter file.
      See merge request !167
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      Fix output typo · c9441803
      Peter W. Draper authored
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      lock_type --> swift_lock_type · b6e8d2b6
      Matthieu Schaller authored
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      Merge branch 'mpi_and_ht_affinity' into 'master' · 51cb767b
      Matthieu Schaller authored
      Simplify, permit user control over affinity
      This ensures we 'do the right thing' when the user imposes affinity through e.g. Intel MPI's I_MPI_PIN_DOMAIN or other mechanisms. Also no longer does works with a shuffled ```cpuid``` array, which will hopefully have less surprising failure modes, and means we don't have to handle hyperthreading explicitly. If we want to be clever in this way e.g. to maximise available cache, then we could replace libnuma with hwloc as discussed elsewhere.
      Hopefully this gives us a reasonable affinity which is easily overridden using standard techniques.
      See merge request !120
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