1. 13 Oct, 2016 3 commits
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      Merge branch 'fix_super_pointer' into 'master' · ce5d0537
      Peter W. Draper authored
      Fix super pointer
      Updated the logic setting the `super` pointer and creating the "hierarchical" tasks (i.e. init, kick, ghost, etc.). Changes involve:
       - Getting rid of the `g_super` pointer. We have only one `super` cell per hierarchy.
       - Set the `super` pointer in a new routine.
       - Have only one routine to construct the hierarchical task to avoid overwriting things.
       - Moved the external gravity task to be a self with a new kind of sub-type.
      The last item is necessary for the following reason. If we want to run with only external gravity (no hydro, no normal gravity), which is useful to test this aspect individually, we need to create the tasks. Now, we only create the init/kick tasks for super cells, i.e. cells that have at least one self or pair. So I promoted the external_gravity task to be a self with a new sub_type. 
      IMO that's more clean now. What do you think ?
      Fix #215.
      See merge request !259
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      Merge branch 'parallel_get_index' into 'master' · e6bc5754
      Peter W. Draper authored
      Parallel space_rebuild()
      Looking at some of the scaling results, it turns out that the last remaining significant chunk of non-parallel code is `space_rebuild()` and the majority of the time in there is spent computing the cell index of the particles. 
      This can easily done in parallel and on the EAGLE_25 shows significant improvements in the code speed and scalability. Although I should say that this comes from running this on 16 cores only and based on the vTune outputs (which usually match the actual tests).
      What do you think ?
      See merge request !260
  6. 06 Oct, 2016 3 commits
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      Merge branch 'gizmo_set_internal_energy' into 'master' · c69268c3
      Matthieu Schaller authored
      Gizmo set internal energy
      This updates both the conserved and the primitive variables in `hydro_set_internal_energy()` and `hydro_set_entropy()`, and closes #221.
      See merge request !265
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      Merge branch 'isothermal_riemann_solver' into 'master' · 91adabde
      Matthieu Schaller authored
      Added an exact isothermal Riemann solver.
      Using an isothermal equation of state requires the use of a specialized Riemann solver. Based on the book of Toro, I derived the corresponding equations and implemented an (exact) Riemann solver that solves them. The results obtained for the 1D Sod shock with GIZMO_SPH and EOS_ISOTHERMAL_GAS match those obtained with GADGET2_SPH and EOS_ISOTHERMAL_GAS, and also agree with the analytic solution (which also makes use of the isothermal Riemann solver).
      Writing a TRRS isothermal solver is quite straightforward. I still have to look into the HLLC solver and see if it is possible to make an isothermal version of that.
      I have a short document in which the equations for the isothermal Riemann problem are derived, and a Python script that can be used to get the analytic solution for a Sod shock type problem with an isothermal eos. If you are interested in these documents, I can also add them to the repository. The isothermal Riemann problem is not solved in Toro, so there is not really a reference for this.
      See merge request !264
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