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  5. 31 May, 2018 1 commit
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      Removed legacy sphinx modules · 3a5a6876
      Josh Borrow authored
      Removed some tags that were causing compilation issues
      Moved old RTD around.
      Added rtd-specific gitignore
      Added 'new' RTD system
      Added tempaltes of how to add new items to the documentation
      Added HydroSchemes information
      Added information from the onboarding guide into the online documentation, as well as adding the makefile
      Add Equation of State documentation
      Added the onboarding guide stuff
      Added initial conditions section
      Add eos documentation
      Removed git marks
      added minor change to the particle type table to make it fully consistent with SWIFT
      Implemented Matthieu's changes
      Updated information about minimalsph
      removed statement about balsara switch
      Add Cooling doc
      Add cooling and update structure
      Minor tidy up
      Renamed section