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      Merge branch 'gizmo_set_internal_energy' into 'master' · c69268c3
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      Gizmo set internal energy
      This updates both the conserved and the primitive variables in `hydro_set_internal_energy()` and `hydro_set_entropy()`, and closes #221.
      See merge request !265
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      Merge branch 'isothermal_riemann_solver' into 'master' · 91adabde
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      Added an exact isothermal Riemann solver.
      Using an isothermal equation of state requires the use of a specialized Riemann solver. Based on the book of Toro, I derived the corresponding equations and implemented an (exact) Riemann solver that solves them. The results obtained for the 1D Sod shock with GIZMO_SPH and EOS_ISOTHERMAL_GAS match those obtained with GADGET2_SPH and EOS_ISOTHERMAL_GAS, and also agree with the analytic solution (which also makes use of the isothermal Riemann solver).
      Writing a TRRS isothermal solver is quite straightforward. I still have to look into the HLLC solver and see if it is possible to make an isothermal version of that.
      I have a short document in which the equations for the isothermal Riemann problem are derived, and a Python script that can be used to get the analytic solution for a Sod shock type problem with an isothermal eos. If you are interested in these documents, I can also add them to the repository. The isothermal Riemann problem is not solved in Toro, so there is not really a reference for this.
      See merge request !264
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