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      Merge branch 'integer_timeline' into 'master' · 62ceefee
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      Integer timeline
      This modified the way we do multiple time-steps. The time-steps are now placed on an integer timeline and can take values from 0 to 2^29 where 0 corresponds to the starting point of the simulation and 2^29 is the end point of the simulation. This effectively limits the number of time-steps that can be performed and sets an absolute minimal time-step size. If need be we can later on extend the number of time-steps allowed by switching to a long long but I have not seen this being necessary in any EAGLE or other simulations we ran.
      However, it prevents the assignment of 0-sized time-steps that occur in the current version of the code when using a final time which is not of the form 2^n (n positive or negative integer). This hence fixes issue #87.
      Quite a lot of changes scattered across the code but the only non-trivial ones are in runner_dokick() and engine_init().
      While working on it I have corrected the count of number of particles updated in a given time-step. This is now correct. Fixes issue #89.
      Finally, I have also added a message at start-up displaying which version of SPH we run.
      See merge request !94
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      Fixed segfault in MPI mode. · dee26e62
      Matthieu Schaller authored
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      Less verbose engine_init() in MPI mode · 4511d85d
      Matthieu Schaller authored
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