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      Merge branch 'smoothing_length_derivative' into 'master' · 3b2b2be6
      Peter W. Draper authored
      Improved multi-timestep SPH
      This brings a range of improvement, mostly minor and of code clarity nature to the code. 
      It solves:
      - Issue #84. Particles are now <128 Bytes in size.
      - Issue #85. Smoothing-lengths now evolve more accurately and we implement a time-step criterion more conservative than default Gadget-2 but that is part of EAGLE.
      - Issue #88. We now have a 'minimal' hydro implementation that can be used both as a template and an example. The doxygen documentation is based on that version. The documentation is now very extensive. This model is a poor SPH implementation and should only be used to understand the structure of the code and not be seriously run.
      - Issue #95. The engine_collect_kick() function now correctly skips empty cells.
      - Issue #96. Conserved quantities are now written to a file. We need gravity before this really get useful.
      - The description of the SPH flavour in the HDF5 files is now moved to the hydro_io.h files for consistency.
      Most of it are straight-forward changes. Note that this does not fix the issue we have in MPI mode.
      See merge request !90
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      Compliation problem in DEFAULT_SPH · 5c966fdf
      Matthieu Schaller authored
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      Remove unused variable · 5a3ca6a9
      Peter W. Draper authored
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      Merge branch 'more_policies' into 'master' · 2b8930c4
      Peter W. Draper authored
      Engine policies for gravity and improved task mask construction
      This is a straightforward change to engine_step() and engine_init_particles() that should allow other users to add or remove tasks without having to comment-out portions of the code. 
      The right list of policies simply has to be passed to the engine when constructed. I have added three policies (hydro, external gravity and self gravity) to be future proof.
      I have also resurrected the two functions that print the content of a mask. These had disappeared following a merge. Finally, some more robust bit-mask checking tests are done when testing policies. 
      That should allow @jregan and @tt to add their external gravity tasks to the mask on line 1901 (in engine_step()) of engine.c without having to comment-out other parts of the code.
      See merge request !91
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