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      Merge branch 'root-level-parts' into 'master' · ce5e778a
      Matthieu Schaller authored
      Root level parts
      Handles the case when the top-level cell size increases so that
      the cells need to be regenerated and particles re-attached.
      The technique is to resample the old cell space and use the node
      IDs to populate the new one. This should minimise the need for
      particle movement, so should be a little less expensive than a 
      full initial partition.
      If the resample fails we fall back to a full initial partition.
      Could be a better idea to use the same technique as in main.c,
      but we don't do that.
      Fix for issue #31
      See merge request !112
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      Merge branch 'size_t' into 'master' · 93ce6618
      Peter W. Draper authored
      Another batch of `size_t` fixes, i.e. replacing `int` counters over the particles by `size_t` to allow for more than 2G particles per rank.
      There's no hurry for this, mainly cosmetics and future-proofing.
      See merge request !137
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