1. 20 May, 2015 1 commit
  2. 13 May, 2015 2 commits
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      Merge branch 'autotools-update' into 'master' · 88cab578
      Matthieu Schaller authored
      Autotools update
      Add option to force serial IO when using a parallel HDF5.
      See merge request !18
      Former-commit-id: 842eeb1c2e4fafd0526640c4ed09acf47245071a
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      Merge branch 'mpi_fixes' into 'master' · e777228d
      Peter W. Draper authored
      Mpi fixes
      This should fix issue #28.
      Tested it with the SodShock example, was able to reproduce the bug and catch the exact location using the address sanitizer. Have not yet tested it in a "real" parallel environment, e.g. a cosma run, but only on my laptop.
      Could you test this with the CosmoVolume and verify that it indeed no longer crashes?
      See merge request !17
      Former-commit-id: 79fbeba71a8f2e5e6e3986f09302bc304880d947
  3. 12 May, 2015 2 commits
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  5. 07 May, 2015 1 commit
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      Merge branch 'documentation_corrections' into 'master' · 1505a1d6
      Peter W. Draper authored
      Clean up of the Doxygen documentation
      Modified the Doxyfile to properly document the inline functions at the core of the algorithm.
      Also corrected some typos in the documentation of functions that were mentioned in #15.
      The doxygen documentation can now be built cleanly.
      The changelog is massive due to the update of the Doxyfile to 1.8.x from 1.6.x. All the changes to the source files are in commented sections.
      See merge request !15
      Former-commit-id: 8a6a08f229f323265667e914c45b4b032ed9563f
  6. 06 May, 2015 2 commits
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      Merge branch 'autotools-update' into 'master' · 474b9d32
      Peter W. Draper authored
      Parallel HDF5 autoconf test
      Add a HDF5 autoconf check
      See merge request !16
      Former-commit-id: 2a5e8f452c4bcc9a24535901a64a16999b466e56
    • Matthieu Schaller's avatar
      Merge branch 'serial_io' into 'master' · c05bbb67
      Matthieu Schaller authored
      Allow the code to do i/o in serial while MPI is activated
      Quite a big change. Main goal is to solve issue #29 and hence offer a workaround #22.
      The old non-MPI code is now in single_io.[ch] and is called when WITH_MPI is not defined.
      The old MPI code with parallel-HDF5 is called when WITH_MPI and HAVE_PARALLEL_HDF5 are both defined.
      The new MPI code is in serial_io.[ch] and is celled when WITH_MPI is defined but HAVE_PARALLEL_HDF5 is not.
      In this serial mode, the code forces the different MPI ranks to write to the same file one after the other, appending their particles at the end of the pre-existing set of particles.
      This merge request also corrects issue #27 and a bug in the attributes of the arrays in HDF5 that got the wrong units.
      SWIFT now runs with Platform-MPI !!
      See merge request !14
      Former-commit-id: 8c6aaed9c5fbc30e205a7246838b7013a7be4bdc
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      Merge branch 'mpi_fixes' into 'master' · 043a43f8
      Pedro Gonnet authored
      Mpi fixes
      Batch jobs on the COSMA4 queue (using intel compiler and MPI) do not
      run. The main reason is an overrun of the cpuid array because of the
      number of cores (not a power of 2). This patch attempts to fix that.
      Also includes an additional fix for a incorrect size memcpy I discovered.
      See merge request !12
      Former-commit-id: 19f3277120365d6722cfbddc94c97cb04bda1326
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      Merge branch 'mpi_fixes' into 'master' · e2d0c61e
      Matthieu Schaller authored
      Mpi fixes
      The initial grid was lopsided due to some pretty stupid math on my behalf. The first few iterations before `engine_redistribute` kicks in are now much faster.
      See merge request !10
      Former-commit-id: 17d6f25b014e6993faa55b1142313888f310ac96
  18. 15 Apr, 2015 2 commits
    • Pedro Gonnet's avatar
      fix rounding errors in initial gridding. · add04d34
      Pedro Gonnet authored
      Former-commit-id: 168b1f7d0cf58c029fd92aaf1f0726c24734af2e
    • Peter W. Draper's avatar
      Merge branch 'mpi_fixes' into 'master' · b79159ac
      Peter W. Draper authored
      Mpi fixes
      Fixes latest bug in #16.
      Was generating tags for the sends/receives directly from the cell pointer addresses (they need to be per-cell unique identifiers). Turns out this was not a particularly robust solution as the maximum ID value is bounded to < 30 bits.
      Switched to using a global counter, seems to work fine now.
      See merge request !9
      Former-commit-id: 44c49df999e95f23176a91abadf0e6abc466fabc
  19. 14 Apr, 2015 1 commit