Commit fa4f6491 authored by Josh Borrow's avatar Josh Borrow
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Updated to use H5Lexists to check whether user has input units into

their Initial Conditions files. This avoids error rasises from H5G* when
opening files without units and reverting back to the ones specified in
the parameterfile. We now also let users know when their units are being
read from their ICs explicitly.
parent c41e0a84
......@@ -299,10 +299,12 @@ void io_write_attribute_s(hid_t grp, const char* name, const char* str) {
* If the 'Units' group does not exist in the ICs, cgs units will be assumed
void io_read_unit_system(hid_t h_file, struct unit_system* us) {
// First check if it exists as this is *not* required.
// This check comes from the H5G documentation.
int exists = H5Lexists(h_file, "/Units", H5P_DEFAULT);
hid_t h_grp = H5Gopen(h_file, "/Units", H5P_DEFAULT);
if (h_grp < 0) {
if (exists == 0) {
message("'Units' group not found in ICs. Assuming CGS unit system.");
/* Default to CGS */
......@@ -313,7 +315,13 @@ void io_read_unit_system(hid_t h_file, struct unit_system* us) {
us->UnitTemperature_in_cgs = 1.;
} else if (exists < 0) {
error("Serious problem with 'Units' group in your ICs. H5Lexists gives %d",
message("Reading units from your ICs.");
hid_t h_grp = H5Gopen(h_file, "/Units", H5P_DEFAULT);
/* Ok, Read the damn thing */
io_read_attribute(h_grp, "Unit length in cgs (U_L)", DOUBLE,
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