Commit f6e682ee authored by Tom Theuns's avatar Tom Theuns
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improved info provided by sourceterms

parent 436c80b6
......@@ -111,25 +111,24 @@ __attribute__((always_inline)) INLINE static void supernova_feedback_apply(
/* add supernova feedback */
const float u_old = hydro_get_internal_energy(p_sn, 0);
message(" u_old= %e entropy= %e", u_old, p_sn->entropy);
const float ent_old = hydro_get_entropy(p_sn, 0.0);
const float u_new =
u_old + sourceterms-> / hydro_get_mass(p_sn);
hydro_set_internal_energy(p_sn, u_new);
const float u_set = hydro_get_internal_energy(p_sn, 0.0);
const float ent_set = hydro_get_entropy(p_sn, 0.0);
message(" unew = %e %e s= %e", u_new, u_set, ent_set);
" applied super nova, time = %e, location= %e %e %e velocity= %e %e "
ti_current * timeBase, p_sn->x[0], p_sn->x[1], p_sn->x[2], p_sn->v[0],
p_sn->v[1], p_sn->v[2]);
" injected SN energy in particle = %lld, increased energy from %e to "
"%e, "
"check= %e",
p_sn->id, u_old, u_new, u_set);
"%e and is notw %e, entropy from %e to %e",
p_sn->id, u_old, u_new, u_set, ent_old, ent_set);
/* label supernova as done */
sourceterms->supernova.status = supernova_is_done;
message(" applied super nova, time = %d, location= %e %e %e", ti_current,
p_sn->x[0], p_sn->x[1], p_sn->x[2]);
message(" applied super nova, velocity = %e %e %e", p_sn->v[0],
p_sn->v[1], p_sn->v[2]);
/* update timestep if new time step shorter than old time step */
const int dti = get_part_timestep(p_sn, xp_sn, r->e);
......@@ -153,6 +152,7 @@ __attribute__((always_inline)) INLINE static void supernova_feedback_apply(
message(" count= %d limited timestep of %d particles ", count, i_limit);
} /* end of limiter */
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