Commit ea50f018 authored by Matthieu Schaller's avatar Matthieu Schaller
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Merge branch 'add-swift-code-delimiter' into 'master'

Added SWIFT code group

Adds ```Code/Code = "SWIFT"``` in the output files which can be used as a check to see if the output was generated by SWIFT.

See merge request !439
parents d408db13 456dfe85
......@@ -375,6 +375,7 @@ void io_write_code_description(hid_t h_file) {
h_grpcode = H5Gcreate1(h_file, "/Code", 0);
if (h_grpcode < 0) error("Error while creating code group");
io_write_attribute_s(h_grpcode, "Code", "SWIFT");
io_write_attribute_s(h_grpcode, "Code Version", package_version());
io_write_attribute_s(h_grpcode, "Compiler Name", compiler_name());
io_write_attribute_s(h_grpcode, "Compiler Version", compiler_version());
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