Commit e4fd03ab authored by Matthieu Schaller's avatar Matthieu Schaller
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Better help strings in the main configure string

parent 7b19e1e9
......@@ -1789,7 +1789,7 @@ esac
# Cooling function
[cooling function @<:@none, const-du, const-lambda, EAGLE, grackle_* default: none@:>@.
[cooling function @<:@none, const-du, const-lambda, QLA, EAGLE, grackle_* default: none@:>@.
For Grackle, you need to provide the primordial chemistry parameter (e.g. grackle_0)]
......@@ -1836,7 +1836,7 @@ esac
# chemistry function
[chemistry function @<:@none, GEAR_*, EAGLE default: none@:>@
[chemistry function @<:@none, GEAR_*, QLA, EAGLE default: none@:>@
For GEAR, you need to provide the number of elements (e.g. GEAR_10)]
......@@ -2084,7 +2084,7 @@ esac
# Entropy floor
[entropy floor @<:@none, EAGLE, default: none@:>@]
[entropy floor @<:@none, QLA, EAGLE, default: none@:>@]
......@@ -2144,7 +2144,7 @@ esac
# Star formation
[star formation @<:@none, EAGLE, GEAR, default: none@:>@]
[star formation @<:@none, QLA, EAGLE, GEAR, default: none@:>@]
......@@ -547,8 +547,6 @@ void engine_launch(struct engine *e, const char *call);
void engine_prepare(struct engine *e);
void engine_init_particles(struct engine *e, int flag_entropy_ICs,
int clean_h_values);
void engine_compute_star_formation_stats(struct engine *e,
struct star_formation *starform);
void engine_step(struct engine *e);
void engine_split(struct engine *e, struct partition *initial_partition);
void engine_exchange_strays(struct engine *e, const size_t offset_parts,
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