Commit e0750f24 authored by Matthieu Schaller's avatar Matthieu Schaller
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Improve the error message in space_split_recursive() to explain the most likely error reason

parent b5eff331
......@@ -3862,8 +3862,11 @@ void space_split_recursive(struct space *s, struct cell *c,
/* If the depth is too large, we have a problem and should stop. */
if (maxdepth > space_cell_maxdepth) {
error("Exceeded maximum depth (%d) when splitting cells, aborting",
"Exceeded maximum depth (%d) when splitting cells, aborting. This is "
"most likely due to having too many particles at the exact same "
"position, making the construction of a tree impossible.",
/* Split or let it be? */
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