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......@@ -57,14 +57,13 @@
* @param dim The dimension of the data (1 for scalar, 3 for vector)
* @param part_c A (char*) pointer on the first occurrence of the field of
*interest in the parts array
* @param partSize The size in bytes of the particle structure.
* @param importance If COMPULSORY, the data must be present in the IC file. If
*OPTIONAL, the array will be zeroed when the data is not present.
* @todo A better version using HDF5 hyper-slabs to read the file directly into
*the part array
* will be written once the structures have been stabilized.
* Calls #error() if an error occurs.
void readArrayBackEnd(hid_t grp, char* name, enum DATA_TYPE type, int N,
int dim, long long N_total, long long offset,
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