Commit b40b689c authored by Matthieu Schaller's avatar Matthieu Schaller
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No particle initialisation in space_init(). It has to happen properly later

parent a82e26d2
......@@ -1191,16 +1191,6 @@ void space_init(struct space *s, double dim[3], struct part *parts, int N,
error("Failed to allocate xparts.");
bzero(s->xparts, N * sizeof(struct xpart));
/* Initialize the velocities and internal energies. */
for (int k = 0; k < N; k++) {
struct part *p = &parts[k];
struct xpart *xp = &s->xparts[k];
xp->v_full[0] = p->v[0];
xp->v_full[1] = p->v[1];
xp->v_full[2] = p->v[2];
//xp->u_hdt = p->u; // MATTHIEU
/* For now, clone the parts to make gparts. */
if (posix_memalign((void *)&s->gparts, part_align,
N * sizeof(struct gpart)) != 0)
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