Commit acfb1d45 authored by Matthieu Schaller's avatar Matthieu Schaller
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Remove unnecessary parameter in the quick Lyman-alpha cooling model

parent fad25194
......@@ -718,12 +718,6 @@ void cooling_init_backend(struct swift_params *parameter_file,
cooling->He_reion_heat_cgs =
parser_get_param_float(parameter_file, "QLACooling:He_reion_eV_p_H");
/* Optional parameters to correct the abundances */
cooling->Ca_over_Si_ratio_in_solar = parser_get_opt_param_float(
parameter_file, "QLACooling:Ca_over_Si_in_solar", 1.f);
cooling->S_over_Si_ratio_in_solar = parser_get_opt_param_float(
parameter_file, "QLACooling:S_over_Si_in_solar", 1.f);
/* Convert H_reion_heat_cgs and He_reion_heat_cgs to cgs
* (units used internally by the cooling routines). This is done by
* multiplying by 'eV/m_H' in internal units, then converting to cgs units.
......@@ -832,7 +826,9 @@ void cooling_restore_tables(struct cooling_function_data *cooling,
void cooling_print_backend(const struct cooling_function_data *cooling) {
message("Cooling function is 'Quick Lyman-alpha (EAGLE with primordial Z)'.");
"Cooling function is 'Quick Lyman-alpha (EAGLE with primordial Z "
......@@ -83,12 +83,6 @@ struct cooling_function_data {
/*! Have we already done H reioisation? */
int H_reion_done;
/*! Ca over Si abundance divided by the solar ratio for these elements */
float Ca_over_Si_ratio_in_solar;
/*! S over Si abundance divided by the solar ratio for these elements */
float S_over_Si_ratio_in_solar;
/*! Redshift of He reionization */
float He_reion_z_centre;
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