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Add scripts to process cells dumps into active and edge analysis

parent f18b365e
# Usage:
# process_cells nprocess
# Description:
# Process all the cell dumps in the current directory
# Outputs file per rank with the active cells identified and marked
# as to whether they are near an edge or not.
# Handle command-line
if test "$1" = ""; then
echo "Usage: $0 nprocess"
exit 1
# Locate script.
SCRIPTHOME=$(dirname "$0")
# Find all files. Use version sort to get into correct order.
files=$(ls -v cells_*.dat)
if test $? != 0; then
echo "Failed to find any cell dump files"
exit 1
# Construct list of names need the number of ranks.
ranks=$(ls -v cells_*.dat | sed 's,cells_\(.*\)_.*.dat,\1,' | sort | uniq | wc -l)
echo "Number of ranks = $ranks"
# Now construct a list of files ordered by rank, not step.
files=$(ls cells_*.dat | sort -t "_" -k 3,3 -n | xargs -n 4)
# And process them,
echo "Processing cell dumps files..."
echo $files | xargs -P $NPROCS -n 4 /bin/bash -c "${SCRIPTHOME}/process_cells_helper 20 20 20 \$0 \$1 \$2 \$3"
# Create summary.
grep "top cells" step*-active-cells.dat | sort -h > active_cells.log
# And plot of active cells to edge cells.
stilts plot2plane ifmt=ascii in=active_cells.log xmin=-0.1 xmax=1.1 ymin=-100 ymax=2200 grid=1 \
legend=false xpix=600 ypix=500 xlabel="Edge cells/Active cells" ylabel="Step" \
layer1=mark x1="col9/1.0/col6" y1="index*7" size1=3 shading1=aux auxmap=rainbow \
aux=col6 auxfunc=log auxlabel="Active cells" layer2=histogram x2="col9/1.0/col6" \
color2=grey binsize2=0.01 phase2=0.5 barform2=semi_steps weight2=30 thick2=1 \
# Helper for process_cells.
# Locate script.
SCRIPTHOME=$(dirname "$0")
step=$(echo $4|sed 's,cells_\(.*\)_\(.*\).dat,\2,')
${SCRIPTHOME}/ $* > step${step}-active-cells.dat
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