Commit a6ed09c1 authored by Loic Hausammann's avatar Loic Hausammann
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Logger: fix errors

parent e0b68cd1
......@@ -595,10 +595,6 @@ int main(int argc, char *argv[]) {
#ifdef WITH_MPI
if (with_mpole_reconstruction && nr_nodes > 1)
error("Cannot reconstruct m-poles every step over MPI (yet).");
if (with_timestep_limiter)
error("Can't run with time-step limiter over MPI (yet)");
if (with_timestep_sync)
error("Can't run with time-step synchronization over MPI (yet)");
/* Temporary early aborts for modes not supported with hand-vec. */
......@@ -1105,19 +1105,19 @@ void engine_redistribute(struct engine *e) {
/* Log the hydro parts. */
e->logger, &parts[part_offset], &xparts[part_offset], counts[c_ind],
e->logger, &s->parts[part_offset], &s->xparts[part_offset], counts[c_ind],
logger_masks_all_part | logger_mask_data[logger_special_flags].mask,
/* Log the stellar parts. */
e->logger, &sparts[spart_offset], s_counts[c_ind],
e->logger, &s->sparts[spart_offset], s_counts[c_ind],
logger_masks_all_spart | logger_mask_data[logger_special_flags].mask,
/* Log the gparts */
e->logger, &gparts[gpart_offset], g_counts[c_ind],
e->logger, &s->gparts[gpart_offset], g_counts[c_ind],
logger_masks_all_gpart | logger_mask_data[logger_special_flags].mask,
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