Commit a2d55984 authored by Matthieu Schaller's avatar Matthieu Schaller
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Missed one occurence of explicit use of rho_dh in tools.c

parent 9bd7e668
......@@ -519,8 +519,7 @@ void engine_single_density(double *dim, long long int pid,
/* Dump the result. */
hydro_end_density(&p, 0);
message("part %lli (h=%e) has wcount=%e, rho=%e, rho_dh=%e.",, p.h,
p.density.wcount, p.rho, p.rho_dh);
message("part %lli (h=%e) has wcount=%e, rho=%e.",, p.h, p.density.wcount, p.rho);
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