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Document the change in softening lengths in the EAGLE-ICs' README file.

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......@@ -3,9 +3,14 @@ the EAGLE suite of simulations. The cosmology, resolution
and phases are the same as used in the original suite. The only
difference is the file format, adapted for SWIFT.
Compared to the original EAGLE runs, the following changes have been
Compared to the original EAGLE runs of Schaye et al. 2015),
the following changes have been made:
- The dark matter softening lengths have been increased to 1.3
pkpc and 3.32 ckpc. The comoving baryon softening lengths have
been changed to 1.79 ckpc. This follows the recommendations of
Ludlow et al. 2019. Old values were 0.7 pkpc and 2.69 ckpc for
all the particle species.
- The metallicity-dependent density threshold for star formation
uses the smoothed metallicities and not the raw metallicities
any more.
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