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Added a EAGLE-12 DMONLY test case.

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ICs extracted from the EAGLE suite of simulations.
WARNING: The ICs are 210MB in size. They contain ~6.5M DM particles.
The particle distribution here is the snapshot 27 (z=0.1) of the 12Mpc
DMONLY-model. h- and a- factors from the original Gadget code have been
corrected for. Variables not used in a pure gravity code have
been removed. Everything is ready to be run without cosmological
The particle load of the main EAGLE simulation can be reproduced by
running these ICs on 8 cores.
MD5 checksum of the ICs:
d70d08f261d8d2d5c9b674f93b4b8ce4 EAGLE_DMO_ICs_12.hdf5
# Define the system of units to use internally.
UnitMass_in_cgs: 1.989e43 # 10^10 M_sun in grams
UnitLength_in_cgs: 3.085678e24 # Mpc in centimeters
UnitVelocity_in_cgs: 1e5 # km/s in centimeters per second
UnitCurrent_in_cgs: 1 # Amperes
UnitTemp_in_cgs: 1 # Kelvin
# Cosmological parameters
h: 0.6777 # Reduced Hubble constant
a_begin: 0.9090909 # Initial scale-factor of the simulation
a_end: 1.0 # Final scale factor of the simulation
Omega_m: 0.307 # Matter density parameter
Omega_lambda: 0.693 # Dark-energy density parameter
Omega_b: 0.0455 # Baryon density parameter
# Parameters governing the time integration
time_begin: 0. # The starting time of the simulation (in internal units).
time_end: 1e-2 # The end time of the simulation (in internal units).
dt_min: 1e-10 # The minimal time-step size of the simulation (in internal units).
dt_max: 1e-3 # The maximal time-step size of the simulation (in internal units).
max_top_level_cells: 15
# Parameters governing the snapshots
basename: eagle_dmo
scale_factor_first: 0.92 # Scale-factor of the first snaphot (cosmological run)
time_first: 0.01 # Time of the first output (non-cosmological run) (in internal units)
delta_time: 1.10 # Time difference between consecutive outputs (in internal units)
compression: 4
# Parameters governing the conserved quantities statistics
scale_factor_first: 0.92 # Scale-factor of the first stat dump (cosmological run)
time_first: 0.01 # Time of the first stat dump (non-cosmological run) (in internal units)
delta_time: 1.05 # Time between statistics output
# Parameters for the self-gravity scheme
eta: 0.025 # Constant dimensionless multiplier for time integration.
theta: 0.85 # Opening angle (Multipole acceptance criterion)
comoving_softening: 0.0026994 # Comoving softening length (in internal units).
max_physical_softening: 0.0007 # Physical softening length (in internal units).
# Parameters related to the initial conditions
file_name: EAGLE_DMO_ICs_12.hdf5
cleanup_h_factors: 1 # Remove the h-factors inherited from Gadget
# Generate the initial conditions if they are not present.
if [ ! -e EAGLE_DMO_ICs_12.hdf5 ]
echo "Fetching initial conditions for the EAGLE DMO 12Mpc example..."
../swift -c -G -t 16 eagle_12.yml 2>&1 | tee output.log
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