Commit 8087179a authored by Matthieu Schaller's avatar Matthieu Schaller
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Removed debugging line that skipped the ghosts

parent 5024437e
......@@ -632,9 +632,9 @@ void runner_do_ghost(struct runner *r, struct cell *c, int timer) {
const struct engine *e = r->e;
const struct space *s = e->s;
const float hydro_h_max = e->hydro_properties->h_max;
const float eps = e->hydro_properties->h_tolerance * 1e10;
const float eps = e->hydro_properties->h_tolerance;
const float hydro_eta_dim =
const int max_smoothing_iter = e->hydro_properties->max_smoothing_iterations;
int redo = 0, count = 0;
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