Commit 7085d665 authored by Peter W. Draper's avatar Peter W. Draper
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Merge branch 'metis-fixes' into 'master'

Make sure that a repartition type of none does nothing

Previously when running without METIS support builtin a drift all was
triggered each step as the forcerepart flag was not cleared. That is
now fixed.

Also there is no point in calculating whether to repartition or not
if it will never be done, so avoid that.

See merge request !388
parents 4098909c d398442a
......@@ -909,6 +909,9 @@ void engine_repartition(struct engine *e) {
if (e->reparttype->type != REPART_NONE)
error("SWIFT was not compiled with MPI and METIS support.");
/* Clear the repartition flag. */
e->forcerepart = 0;
......@@ -923,8 +926,9 @@ void engine_repartition_trigger(struct engine *e) {
/* Do nothing if there have not been enough steps since the last
* repartition, don't want to repeat this too often or immediately after
* a repartition step. */
if (e->step - e->last_repartition >= 2) {
* a repartition step. Also nothing to do when requested. */
if (e->step - e->last_repartition >= 2 &&
e->reparttype->type != REPART_NONE) {
/* Old style if trigger is >1 or this is the second step (want an early
* repartition following the initial repartition). */
......@@ -985,8 +989,9 @@ void engine_repartition_trigger(struct engine *e) {
if (e->forcerepart) e->last_repartition = e->step;
/* We always reset CPU time for next check. */
e->cputime_last_step = clocks_get_cputime_used();
/* We always reset CPU time for next check, unless it will not be used. */
if (e->reparttype->type != REPART_NONE)
e->cputime_last_step = clocks_get_cputime_used();
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