Commit 662299af authored by Matthieu Schaller's avatar Matthieu Schaller
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Use all g-particles to compute cell time-step in space_split_recursive() not just the DM ones.

parent beda0059
......@@ -2231,11 +2231,8 @@ void space_split_recursive(struct space *s, struct cell *c,
if (gparts[k].time_bin == time_bin_inhibited)
error("Inhibited g-particle present in space_split()");
if (gparts[k].type == swift_type_dark_matter) {
gravity_time_bin_min = min(gravity_time_bin_min, gparts[k].time_bin);
gravity_time_bin_max = max(gravity_time_bin_max, gparts[k].time_bin);
gparts[k].x_diff[0] = 0.f;
gparts[k].x_diff[1] = 0.f;
gparts[k].x_diff[2] = 0.f;
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