Commit 5b975d78 authored by James Willis's avatar James Willis
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Compute the kernel using 2 vectors.

parent 915bb911
......@@ -430,9 +430,7 @@ runner_iact_nonsym_2_vec_density(float *R2, float *Dx, float *Dy, float *Dz, vec
xi.v = vec_mul(r.v, hi_inv.v);
xi2.v = vec_mul(r_2.v, hi_inv.v);
//kernel_deval_2_vec(&xi, &wi, &wi_dx,&xi2, &wi2, &wi_dx2);
kernel_deval_vec(&xi, &wi, &wi_dx);
kernel_deval_vec(&xi2, &wi2, &wi_dx2);
kernel_deval_2_vec(&xi, &wi, &wi_dx,&xi2, &wi2, &wi_dx2);
/* Compute dv. */
dvx.v = vec_sub(vix.v, vjx.v);
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