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......@@ -404,7 +404,8 @@ cores of a shared-memory machine \cite{gonnet2015efficient}.
\subsection{Task-based domain decomposition}
Given a task-based description of a computation, partitioning it over
a fixed number of nodes is relatively straight-forward: we create
a fixed number of {\em ranks} (using the MPI terminology)
is relatively straight-forward: we create
a {\em cell hypergraph} in which:
\item Each {\em node} represents a single cell of particles, and
......@@ -416,7 +417,7 @@ two cells, the cell hypergraph is just a regular {\em cell graph}.
Any partition of the cell graph represents a partition of the
computation, i.e.~the nodes belonging to each partition each belong
to a computational {\em rank} (to use the MPI terminology), and the
to a rank, and the
data belonging to each cell resides on the partition/rank to which
it has been assigned.
Any task spanning cells that belong to the same partition needs only
......@@ -425,19 +426,12 @@ one partition need to be evaluated on both ranks/partitions.
If we then weight each edge with the computational cost associated with
each task, then finding a {\em good} partitioning reduces to finding a
partition of the cell graph such that:
\item The weight of the edges within each partition is more or less
equal, and
\item The weight of the edges spanning two or more partitions is
\noindent where the first criteria provides good {\em load-balancing},
i.e.~each partition/rank should involve the same amount of work, and
the second criteria reduces the {\em partition cost}, i.e.~the amount
of duplicated work between partitions/ranks
partition of the cell graph such that the maximum sum of the weight
of all edges within and spanning in a partition is minimal
(see Figure~\ref{taskgraphcut}).
Since the sum of the weights is directly proportional to the amount
of computation per rank/partition, minimizing the maximum sum
corresponds to minimizing the time spent on the slowest rank.
Computing such a partition is a standard graph problem and several
software libraries which provide good solutions\footnote{Computing
the optimal partition for more than two nodes is considered NP-hard.},
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