Commit 451c3133 authored by Matthieu Schaller's avatar Matthieu Schaller
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Only check the number of interactions for active gparts

parent 0da2b415
......@@ -1373,13 +1373,17 @@ void runner_do_end_force(struct runner *r, struct cell *c, int timer) {
if (e->policy & engine_policy_self_gravity) {
if (e->policy & engine_policy_self_gravity && gpart_is_active(gp, e)) {
/* Check that this gpart has interacted with all the other particles
* (via direct or multipoles) in the box */
if (gp->num_interacted != (long long)e->s->nr_gparts)
"g-particle did not interact gravitationally with all other "
"particles gp->num_interacted=%lld, total_gparts=%zd",
gp->num_interacted, e->s->nr_gparts);
"g-particle (id=%lld, type=%d) did not interact gravitationally "
"with all other gparts gp->num_interacted=%lld, total_gparts=%zd",
gp->id_or_neg_offset, gp->type, gp->num_interacted,
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