Commit 44194d4e authored by Matthieu Schaller's avatar Matthieu Schaller
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Added the missing potential header files to the

parent b65b49f4
......@@ -43,7 +43,7 @@ include_HEADERS = space.h runner.h queue.h task.h lock.h cell.h part.h const.h \
engine.h swift.h serial_io.h timers.h debug.h scheduler.h proxy.h parallel_io.h \
common_io.h single_io.h multipole.h map.h tools.h partition.h clocks.h parser.h \
physical_constants.h physical_constants_cgs.h potential.h version.h \
hydro_properties.h threadpool.h cooling.h cooling_struct.h
hydro_properties.h riemann.h threadpool.h cooling.h cooling_struct.h
# Common source files
......@@ -71,9 +71,11 @@ nobase_noinst_HEADERS = align.h approx_math.h atomic.h cycle.h error.h inline.h
hydro/Gadget2/hydro_debug.h hydro/Gadget2/hydro_part.h \
hydro/Gizmo/hydro.h hydro/Gizmo/hydro_iact.h hydro/Gizmo/hydro_io.h \
hydro/Gizmo/hydro_debug.h hydro/Gizmo/hydro_part.h \
riemann.h riemann/riemann_hllc.h riemann/riemann_trrs.h \
riemann/riemann_hllc.h riemann/riemann_trrs.h \
riemann/riemann_exact.h riemann/riemann_vacuum.h \
cooling/none/cooling.h cooling/none/cooling_struct.h \
potential/none/potential.h potential/point_mass/potential.h \
potential/isothermal/potential.h potential/disc_patch/potential.h \
cooling/none/cooling.h cooling/none/cooling_struct.h \
cooling/const_du/cooling.h cooling/const_du/cooling_struct.h \
cooling/const_lambda/cooling.h cooling/const_lambda/cooling_struct.h
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