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Add tentative support for KNL AVX512

Also what might work on Skylake, but these cpuids are hard to comfirm
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......@@ -128,6 +128,8 @@ if test "$ac_test_CFLAGS" != "set"; then
*3?6[[cf]]?:*:*:*|*4?6[[56]]?:*:*:*|*4?6[[ef]]?:*:*:*) icc_flags="-xCORE-AVX2 -xCORE-AVX-I -xAVX -SSE4.2 -xS -xT -xB -xK" ;;
*000?f[[346]]?:*:*:*|?f[[346]]?:*:*:*|f[[346]]?:*:*:*) icc_flags="-xSSE3 -xP -xO -xN -xW -xK" ;;
*00??f??:*:*:*|??f??:*:*:*|?f??:*:*:*|f??:*:*:*) icc_flags="-xSSE2 -xN -xW -xK" ;;
*5?6E?:*:*:*) icc_flags="-xCORE-AVX512" ;;
*5?67?:*:*:*) icc_flags="-xMIC-AVX512" ;;
  • Should we follow the pattern of the other CPUs and use

    icc_flags="xCORE-AVX512 -xCORE-AVX2 -xCORE-AVX-I -xAVX -SSE4.2 -xS -xT -xB -xK ?

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  • Most of these options are documented as initiated by the higher support flag, except -xS and following which are not documented, so I think we keep it simple until we know otherwise.

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  • [cosma-b] ~ > icc -xS
    icc: command line remark #10279: option '-xS' is deprecated and will be removed in a future release. See '-help deprecated'
    icc: command line error: no files specified; for help type "icc -help"

    According to the help deprecated help pages, it used to be the flag for SSE4.1.

    [cosma-b] ~ > icc -help deprecated
    Deprecated Options
    -xK                      use -mia32
    -xT                      use -xSSSE3
    -xS                      use -xSSE4.1

    Agree with you, let's drop this.

    Should we suggest your fix to GNU ?

    Edited by Matthieu Schaller
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esac ;;
esac ;;
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