Commit 15ac294c authored by Matthieu Schaller's avatar Matthieu Schaller
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Do not print any h-factors in the meta-data string of variables in SWIFT outputs.

parent eec297e5
......@@ -490,6 +490,10 @@ float units_general_a_factor(const struct unit_system* us,
* @brief Returns a string containing the exponents of the base units making up
* the conversion factors (expressed in terms of the 5 fundamental units)
* Note that in accordance with the SWIFT philosphy, there are no h-factors
* in any units and hence in the string returned here.
* @param buffer The buffer in which to write (The buffer must be long enough,
* 140 chars at most)
* @param us The UnitsSystem in use.
......@@ -501,7 +505,7 @@ void units_general_cgs_conversion_string(char* buffer,
const float baseUnitsExponants[5]) {
char temp[20];
const double a_exp = units_general_a_factor(us, baseUnitsExponants);
const double h_exp = units_general_h_factor(us, baseUnitsExponants);
const double h_exp = 0.; /* There are no h-factors in SWIFT outputs. */
/* Check whether we are unitless or not */
char isAllNonZero = 1;
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