Commit 0e530761 authored by Loic Hausammann's avatar Loic Hausammann
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Check if disable-hand-vec is required during the configuration

parent 9dbd8015
...@@ -1797,6 +1797,14 @@ case "$with_chemistry" in ...@@ -1797,6 +1797,14 @@ case "$with_chemistry" in
;; ;;
esac esac
if test "$with_chemistry" != "none"; then
if test "$enable_hand_vec" == "yes"; then
if test "$with_hydro" == "gadget2"; then
AC_MSG_ERROR([Cannot run with hand vectorisation and chemistry yet. Please use --disable-hand-vec])
# Particle tracers # Particle tracers
AC_ARG_WITH([tracers], AC_ARG_WITH([tracers],
[AS_HELP_STRING([--with-tracers=<function>], [AS_HELP_STRING([--with-tracers=<function>],
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