Commit 08d81da1 authored by Matthieu Schaller's avatar Matthieu Schaller
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Only check for negative energy in the cooling bisection when running with debugging checks.

parent f0e18567
......@@ -316,11 +316,14 @@ INLINE static double bisection_iter(
eagle_cooling_rate(log10(u_next_cgs), redshift, n_H_cgs,
abundance_ratio, n_H_index, d_n_H,
He_index, d_He, cooling);
// Debugging
if (u_next_cgs <= 0)
error("u_next_cgs %.5e u_upper %.5e u_lower %.5e Lambda %.5e", u_next_cgs,
u_upper_cgs, u_lower_cgs, LambdaNet_cgs);
"Got negative energy! u_next_cgs=%.5e u_upper=%.5e u_lower=%.5e "
u_next_cgs, u_upper_cgs, u_lower_cgs, LambdaNet_cgs);
/* Where do we go next? */
if (u_next_cgs - u_ini_cgs - LambdaNet_cgs * ratefact_cgs * dt_cgs > 0.0) {
u_upper_cgs = u_next_cgs;
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