Commit 08d5d289 authored by Pedro Gonnet's avatar Pedro Gonnet
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don't abort early for zero-length time steps as this will mess-up the task unmarking.

parent 39c4f234
......@@ -731,9 +731,6 @@ static void runner_do_drift(struct cell *c, struct engine *e) {
/* Do we need to drift ? */
if (!e->drift_all && !cell_is_drift_needed(c, ti_current)) return;
/* Check that we are actually going to move forward. */
if (ti_current == ti_old) return;
/* Drift from the last time the cell was drifted to the current time */
const double dt = (ti_current - ti_old) * timeBase;
......@@ -873,9 +870,6 @@ static void runner_do_drift(struct cell *c, struct engine *e) {
/* Update the time of the last drift */
c->ti_old = ti_current;
/* If we aren't going to do anything with this cell, we can stop here. */
if (c->ti_end_min > ti_current) return;
/* Un-skip the density tasks involved with this cell. */
for (struct link *l = c->density; l != NULL; l = l->next) {
struct task *t = l->t;
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