Commit 0883c5a2 authored by Matthieu Schaller's avatar Matthieu Schaller
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Removed unused defunct threadpool function

parent e6590cea
......@@ -323,50 +323,6 @@ void proxy_cells_exchange_first_mapper(void *map_data, int num_elements,
struct wait_and_unpack_mapper_data {
struct space *s;
int num_proxies;
MPI_Request *reqs_in;
struct proxy *proxies;
int with_gravity;
swift_lock_type lock;
void proxy_cells_wait_and_unpack_mapper(void *unused_map_data, int num_elements,
void *extra_data) {
// MATTHIEU: This is currently unused. Scalar (non-threadpool) version is
// faster but we still need to explore why this happens.
struct wait_and_unpack_mapper_data *data =
(struct wait_and_unpack_mapper_data *)extra_data;
for (int k = 0; k < num_elements; k++) {
int pid = MPI_UNDEFINED;
MPI_Status status;
int res;
/* We need a lock to prevent concurrent calls to MPI_Waitany on
the same array of requests since this is not supported in the MPI
standard (v3.1). This is not really a problem since the threads
would block inside MPI_Waitany anyway. */
if ((res = MPI_Waitany(data->num_proxies, data->reqs_in, &pid, &status)) !=
mpi_error(res, "MPI_Waitany failed.");
if (lock_unlock(&data->lock) != 0) {
error("Failed to release lock.");
// message( "cell data from proxy %i has arrived." , pid );
for (int count = 0, j = 0; j < data->proxies[pid].nr_cells_in; j++)
count += cell_unpack(&data->proxies[pid].pcells_in[count],
data->proxies[pid].cells_in[j], data->s,
#endif // WITH_MPI
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