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    Merge branch 'DOPAIR2_fix' into 'master' · 8e4b0d26
    Matthieu Schaller authored
    Dopair2 fix
    Large set of improvements to the hydro interactions functions:
     - Correct version of DOPAIR2() (Fixes #361). The symmetric condition was not correctly taken into account when computing the distance on the axis.
     - Removed the old vectorization scheme from the interaction functions. This is superseded by @jwillis' work.
     - Added the check for active/inactive in the *_NAIVE() functions. These can now correctly be used throughout a run.
     - Made all the interactions take place in the frame of the cell `cj` for PAIRs and `c` for the SELFs.
     - Added a new particle type. The particles do nothing apart from recording who they interact with in the density and force loops. This is solely designed for debugging. 
    See merge request !419